watchOS 11 Introduces 'Check In' for Outdoor Workouts

In iOS 17, Apple introduced a Check In feature in Messages, enabling you to notify a loved one when you’ve safely returned home. With watchOS 11, Check In is also available on Apple Watch and can be activated beyond just the Messages app.

Credits: Apple

Anyone familiar with Garmin’s LiveTrack feature, which provides a real-time view of your location during an activity for friends and family to monitor, will recognize the concept behind Strava Beacon. Now, Apple Watch users can similarly notify loved ones of their workout completion with the new Check In integration.

In watchOS 11, Apple Watch users can initiate a Check In from the Messages app, just like on the iPhone. Additionally, the feature is integrated into the Workout app, allowing users to swipe right during a workout to access the Check In option. This is especially useful for notifying someone when you’re walking home after dark or going for an early morning run, as Check In will alert them when you’ve returned home.

If you’re delayed unexpectedly, Check In will automatically notify your friend, providing your location (if available), the route you took, and details about your iPhone’s battery level and cellular service so they can contact you if needed.

Moreover, there’s a new setting under Settings ➝ Workout that enables Check In Reminders, prompting your Apple Watch to remind you to send a Check In whenever you start an outdoor workout.

Keep in mind that watchOS 11 is currently in developer beta, so some features may change or be removed before the official release in the fall.