Surprise! Upcoming iPad Pro Might Leapfrog to M4 Chip, Boasting AI Power

Apple analyst Mark Gurman dropped a bombshell in his latest Power On newsletter: the upcoming iPad Pro could ditch the expected M3 chip and jump straight to the M4, Apple’s next-generation silicon. This unexpected move highlights Apple’s focus on artificial intelligence (AI) for its tablets.

Gurman suggests Apple will tout the M4’s upgraded Neural Engine, which handles AI tasks on the device itself. This aligns with rumors of Apple integrating more on-device AI features into future iPadOS updates. The M4’s extra processing power would be crucial for running these new features smoothly.

Besides the M4 chip, Gurman reiterates previously leaked features for the new iPad Pro. We can expect a stunning OLED display, a repositioned front camera for a more natural video conferencing experience, and redesigned accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

Here’s a breakdown of the rumors surrounding the upcoming iPad Pro:

  • M4 Chip: Replacing the anticipated M3, the M4 signifies Apple’s commitment to powerful performance and future-proofing the iPad Pro.
  • AI Focus: The upgraded Neural Engine in the M4 chip suggests a stronger emphasis on AI features within the iPad ecosystem.
  • OLED Display: A beautiful OLED display is expected to offer richer colors, deeper blacks, and a superior viewing experience.
  • Improved Camera: The repositioned front camera might enhance video calls and selfies.
  • Redesigned Accessories: The Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil could see design tweaks to complement the iPad Pro’s overall look and functionality.

What This Means for iPad Users

The M4 chip in the iPad Pro signifies Apple’s ambition to push the boundaries of tablet capabilities. AI-powered features could revolutionize workflows for creative professionals, students, and developers alike. The combination of a powerful chip, a gorgeous display, and improved accessories could solidify the iPad Pro’s position as a true laptop replacement for many users.


While Gurman predicts an M4 chip, specifics on the launch date remain unconfirmed. Reports suggest a release in the second week of May, but official confirmation from Apple is awaited.

Stay tuned for further updates as we inch closer to the official unveiling of the next-generation iPad Pro.