Next Apple Watch to Use Thinner Logic Board Material

Credits: Taiwanese website DigiTimes.

According to supply chain sources from Taiwanese website DigiTimes, at least one upcoming Apple Watch model will use resin-coated copper.

Resin-coated copper is essentially a thin copper foil with a resin, like epoxy, applied over it. Using this material for the Apple Watch’s logic board offers several advantages, including enhanced durability and water resistance. Importantly, it allows for a slimmer logic board, creating more room inside the watch for additional components and sensors.

Extra space is crucial for Apple as they add more health features to the Apple Watch. Upcoming models are rumored to include blood pressure monitoring, with Apple also exploring non-invasive blood glucose tracking as a long-term goal.

The details about the next Apple Watch lineup remain uncertain. It’s unclear whether the redesigned “Apple Watch X” will launch this year or next. There’s speculation that there won’t be an Apple Watch Ultra 3 this year. However, a new Apple Watch SE is expected this year if Apple follows its usual two-year update cycle for that model.