MidiWrist Unleashed: Apple Watch's pioneer standalone MIDI controller

Credits: Geert Bevin

Geert Bevin is expanding his lineup of music utility apps for Apple devices with a new addition. MidiWrist Unleashed transforms your Apple Watch into a standalone MIDI controller, enabling direct connection to any advertised Bluetooth LE MIDI device without relying on the iPhone.

“This has been my dream since I got my first Apple Watch in 2015, and after 9 years, I’ve finally made it a reality,” says Geert Bevin.

Key features of MidiWrist Unleashed 1.0 include:

  • Standalone MIDI controller for Apple Watch
  • Fully configurable directly on the Watch, eliminating the need for an external app
  • Control any number of knobs using the Digital Crown
  • Macro control over multiple MIDI parameters via the Digital Crown
  • Remote control of DAW functions such as Play, Stop, Pause, Record, Rewind, and Fast Forward from the Watch
  • Individual or simultaneous control of knobs
  • Option to link knobs to maintain their offsets
  • Toggle any number of buttons by tapping the Watch
  • Buttons can be stateful or momentary
  • Customize pages with a combination of buttons and knobs
  • Change programs using the Digital Crown or by tapping the Watch

Thanks to apps like Voice Memos and third-party software like instrument tuners and metronomes, the Apple Watch has become indispensable for musicians.

Now, with the introduction of MidiWrist Unleashed, the Apple Watch’s music capabilities have reached new heights, all without needing a nearby iPhone. Get MidiWrist Unleashed for Apple Watch on the App Store and discover this new standalone tool for Apple Watch.