iPhone 16 Pro: Top 5 Features That Matter Most to Users & Upgraders

Credits: AppleInsider

This September, all eyes will be on Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro lineup. Here are the top five new features and upgrades that matter most.

As always, the rumor mill is buzzing with speculation about Apple’s next iPhone.

With September just a few months away, these are the top five upgrades to watch for in the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

iPhone 16 Pro Upgrades: Camera

The camera system is a crucial aspect of the iPhone, drawing significant attention from leakers and rumor enthusiasts.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max advanced the camera system with a 5x optical zoom using its tetraprism lens. The iPhone 16 Pro may also adopt this feature.

After incorporating a 48MP sensor into the rear camera, there’s a potential to add a second 48MP sensor, possibly impacting the Ultra Wide camera. This would theoretically leave the telephoto lens as the last to use a 12MP sensor.

Claims of thinner lenses might help reduce the camera module’s size and weight. Additionally, a redesign could result in a slimmer camera bump for the non-Pro models.

iPhone 16 Pro Upgrades: A18

The chip at the heart of the iPhone is crucial to the device’s performance. Each year, it becomes faster and more powerful, enabling users to do even more.

With Apple’s growing focus on AI, the changes could be more significant this year. Instead of just a simple update to CPU and GPU performance, Apple might enhance the Neural Engine.

Examining the A-series overall, it’s likely that the A18 will feature six GPU cores and six CPU cores, with two performance cores and four efficiency cores.

Geekbench scores could see about a 10% improvement in both single-core and multi-core tests compared to the A17 Pro in the iPhone 15 Pro series.

The Neural Engine has consistently been a 16-core component, except in the Ultra versions of Apple Silicon chips. There’s a possibility that more cores could be added in the next iteration to better handle AI tasks.

Apple has already boosted the Neural Engine’s performance in the A17 Pro, achieving 38 trillion operations per second, more than double the 17 trillion of the A16.

More operations per second are likely, but how Apple will achieve this remains to be seen.

iPhone 16 Pro Upgrades: Display

The iPhone 16 Pro lineup might feature larger screens than ever before. Rumors suggest the iPhone 16 Pro could have a 6.3-inch display, up from the current 6.1 inches.

The Pro Max could be even larger, increasing to a 6.9-inch display.

To accompany the size increase, Apple might reduce the overall mass of the iPhone by using even thinner bezels than those on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The display could also be brighter, thanks to technologies like a Micro Lens Array.

Additionally, the screen may eliminate the black gaps at the top. Instead of a notch or the Dynamic Island, Apple could implement an under-display Face ID system.

iPhone 16 Pro Upgrades: Buttons

While not typically a focus of rumors, the side buttons have garnered attention from leakers.

Following the introduction of the Action Button in the iPhone 15 Pro, a new Capture button might be added, providing physical control over photography similar to a camera’s shutter button.

Some rumors suggest Apple might bring back physical buttons for the iPhone 16 Pro, which would require case makers to adjust their designs.

Battery Life

Now, let’s talk about battery life, a crucial factor for any phone. The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to get a battery boost, with bigger capacity cells compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. This should translate to longer battery life, especially if Apple also improves efficiency in other areas. Design-wise, whispers point to a new “frosted metal shell” for the iPhone 16 Pro.