HomePod Leak Reveals Glossy Display Cover

Credits: Kosutami

Apple has long been rumored to be developing a HomePod with a full touch display capable of more than just showing a waveform. A recent leak provides a glimpse of a potential glossy display cover.

While the current HomePod and HomePod mini feature a touch-sensitive glass surface displaying a waveform, rumors suggest Apple may upgrade it to a full touch display similar to Apple TV’s interface. However, there’s been no official announcement.

An alleged part image shared by @Kosutami_Ito reveals what seems to be the top assembly of a new HomePod display. The exact size of the glass isn’t clear, but the leaker claims it’s a glossy display cover.

Earlier leaks showed a standard HomePod with a top glass that can display images. Some leaks even hinted at a possible 7-inch display. However, the size of the top glass on the HomePod doesn’t match that, suggesting different design concepts in these leaks.