Disney+ debuts exclusive Marvel immersive tale for Apple Vision Pro

Credits: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios has announced that an hour-long interactive and immersive story from Disney+ is on its way to the Apple Vision Pro soon. This Disney+ original, linked to the “What If…?” animated series, will debut as a new app for the Vision Pro.

“What If…?” presents a fresh take on Marvel Cinematic Universe events, offering unexpected twists. Through the Vision Pro, fans immerse themselves in an interactive narrative, traversing realities.

Encountering multiversal variants of beloved Marvel characters, users delve into mystic arts and wield the power of Infinity Stones. Marvel promises a blend of augmented and virtual reality, enabling hands-on interaction within the narrative.

This immersive journey showcases breathtaking environments, including both familiar MCU settings and new locales, enhanced by stunning visuals and spatial audio. While a specific release date for “What If…? An Immersive Story” is pending, Marvel assures that further details will be unveiled soon.