Apple to Enhance Support for Third-Party Displays and Batteries on iPhones Later This Year

Apple has released an extensive whitepaper detailing its approach to device repairability and longevity. The document reveals that iPhones will have improved support for third-party displays and batteries later in 2024.

Credits: Apple

Apple announced upcoming changes to support third-party iPhone displays and batteries:

First, Apple will enable True Tone functionality for third-party iPhone displays later this year. True Tone requires precise calibration to function correctly, and since third-party displays lack a default calibration, this can lead to unexpected behavior. Currently, Apple disables True Tone when third-party displays are used but allows other display functions to work. Starting in late 2024, Apple will permit consumers to activate True Tone with third-party displays, ensuring the best performance possible. Users will have the option to deactivate True Tone in Settings if the display does not perform to their satisfaction. True Tone automatically adjusts the display’s color to match the ambient lighting.

Second, Apple will provide battery health metrics, such as maximum capacity and cycle count, for third-party iPhone batteries later this year. At present, these metrics are not shown for devices with third-party batteries due to verification challenges. Apple’s internal analysis found that some third-party batteries sold as new are actually secondhand, with manipulated metrics. To enhance support for third-party batteries, starting in late 2024, Apple will display battery health metrics with a notification that Apple cannot verify their accuracy.

These changes are expected to be included in the iOS 18 updates later this year, although Apple did not specify an exact timeline in its document.