Apple Says M2 iPad Air Has 9 GPU Cores, Not 10

Apple has updated its tech specs webpage for the latest M2 iPad Air models to indicate that the M2 chip has a 9-core GPU, not the previously stated 10 cores.

Web snapshots indicate that Apple updated its US website within the last 10 days to show the M2 iPad Air has a 9-core GPU, instead of the previously listed 10 cores. However, many of Apple’s regional stores still display the 10-core GPU specification.

Apple’s original press release and support documentation also reflect the initial 10-core spec. Apple has not commented on the change, which, if correct, makes the M2 iPad Air the first M2-based device with a 9-core GPU. This suggests that Apple may be using a “binned” version of the 10-core chip, with one GPU core disabled, likely due to processor yield issues.

It is probable that all M2 iPad Air models sold have a 9-core GPU, and Apple is now updating its product information for accuracy. Any performance difference between a 9-core and a 10-core GPU in real-world use would likely be negligible for most users. Nonetheless, some customers may want to know why there was an error in Apple’s marketing materials.