Apple halts FineWoven Accessories production

On X (formerly Twitter), Kosutami posted about Apple’s decision to discontinue production of FineWoven accessories, citing their poor durability. There’s speculation that Apple might explore alternative non-leather materials for its high-end accessories going forward.

Kosutami has a track record of accurately leaking information about FineWoven accessories. They previously disclosed Apple’s plans to introduce new Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases made from a “woven fabric material” well before their official debut. Additionally, Kosutami was the first to share images of FineWoven accessories just ahead of their official announcement. Given this history of accuracy, icommunitypakistan regards the latest information about the production halt seriously until further details emerge.

Apple phased out leather accessories last September, replacing them with the environmentally friendly “FineWoven” material, described as a “luxurious and durable microtwill” comprising 68% post-consumer recycled polyester. FineWoven iPhone cases are priced at $59, MagSafe Wallets at $59, AirTag holders at $35, and Apple Watch bands at $99.

Customers have expressed strong dissatisfaction with accessories crafted from this material, pointing out issues with durability and quality. Notably, FineWoven accessories in new color variations were conspicuously absent from Apple’s recent spring update. Should Apple have indeed halted production of FineWoven accessories, it might take a while before the existing stock diminishes significantly.